A Message From Jorge Valdes

It has been an honor to serve as your Trustee for Area 1 on the Orange County Board of Education.  As parents of four children, my wife Magdalena and I know the difficulties of raising a family while working.  We know you face the same challenges we do.

As your Orange County School Board Trustee, I want to help give your children the best possible education no matter where you live.  And whether you were born here or not you deserve to have your children excel academically.  

To give our students the best chance of success:

  • I believe that parents are the best decisionmakers for their children.  I authored the “Parents Rights” policy adopted by the Orange County Board of Education which outlines that parents should have full access to classroom curriculum, their student’s teachers, and be able to opt out of some subjects they feel are not in their child’s best interests.  Parents should also be notified of any major changes in their student’s behavior or actions while at school. This includes any attempts to change their gender.


  • I strongly believe in educational options for all.  A child and their parents should not be trapped by their zip code in having only one school from which to choose. I am a big proponent of public charter schools as one of the educational options available to parents.  


  • We should emphasize academics and not ideology in our schools.  Our students were hurt by the COVID 19 lockdowns and lost much learning time they cannot get back.  We should concentrate heavily on academics, and remove social engineering from classrooms.  


If you want to help me to help our students to achieve academic excellence, then I ask for your support and your vote. Please vote for Jorge Valdes for Orange County Board of Education.

You can reach me by email at: